Why My Dry for Life (Not Just January) Makes People Constantly Suspicious

Once again I was out at the weekend enjoying a lovely birthday party. Three people, one who did and two who didn’t know me, asked me if I needed another drink. As usual I said no thanks, I’ve got a cranberry juice — much to their almost surprise and disbelief! Why is it so hard for people of comprehend that it is possible to get on the dancefloor, chat to strangers and have a good time without alcohol or any other substances?

You see this has been me since I was about 19. Dry for Life, mainly because I really don’t like the taste of alcohol and over the years so many people have tried to find an alcoholic beverage I would like! Is it that they want to fail in your attempt to stay sober or they just want to help find that sweet taste (I have a terribly sweet tooth) in a red wine! On a trip to India once, a young Italian traveller who professed to know a lot about wine, said “I will find the right wine for you and I promise you will like it!” He did and I didn’t!

So yes, I’ve made most of my learning curves sober and don’t have too many regrets.

In the earlier years, peers would say, “You’re not drinking, you’re boring!” This subconsciously made me want to prove them wrong, usually with another outlandish outfit for which I became known.

Now I think people think I am hiding something dark from my past… I must admit I love a Tia Maria liqueur coffee once a year, dry for life, but probably because I do love coffee and chocolate. So there you have it, chocolate is my drug of choice, not alcohol.