The Benefits of Acceptance

I was fortunate to grow up in house filled with love. My parents were always welcoming to others from a neighbour to the postman. Treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself I believe was their philosophy although it was never said out loud.  What I would like, is that people always see the best in me instead of focusing on my faults.   This was the norm for me and instinctively I managed to find something good or interesting about every person that walked in our front door.

I often wonder if this is why I enjoy meeting and chatting to new people and hearing their stories.  Sadly we are influenced by social media to look for the worst and be suspicious about people but I actually believe most people have sometime good about them. Perhaps that’s because I’m a cup half full kind of girl..

They say kids learn by example and last Saturday we went to London on the train to watch my brother and niece in a Pantomime.  Molly was striking up conversations with people on the tube as well as the Panto.  She had the whole carriage smiling and people were happy to engage in conversations with her.  The woman sitting next to me asked if she was mine as we weren’t sitting together.  I replied ‘yes’ and she said, ‘she is just wonderful’. Many children naturally see the good in people and I want her to look for the best and not see the worst, but as a parent this is conflicting with what I’m supposed to do..

To me positive connection happens with a smile, a touch, a gesture, a random act of kindness, a conversation short or long, or perhaps even a phone call, letter or text.  I believe connection is necessary for all of us and for me it’s instinctive.  I understand some people struggle with this for many reasons, but opening up to the possibility of goodness in others can be so rewarding.

One of the reasons I love to partner dance is because I can connect with others with a by doing something I’m passionate about.  For years I’ve been doing modern jive and love the fact that you never quite know what you’re going to get on the dance floor when you dance with different people.  This year I have challenged myself to develop my dancing style into other genres.  Last Sunday whilst attending Rhapsody’s Blues workshop and freestyle I witnessed an incredible feeling of primal connection in that room amongst the dancers, some friends and some strangers.  The music was atmospheric and many people really were dancing like nobody was watching; it was truly spiritual.  Some were practising perfect blues moves and others were just embraced quietly in a hypnotic state of sheer connection.  The applause at the end of the freestyle was really representative of the joy it brought to so many.

I believe throughout our lives we meet people who we connect with on many levels.  I am drawn to find the good in people and see their best side and if you focus on this you will indeed find it.  Love and acceptance has to be the answer – what you look for is what you’ll find.