5 Reasons to Dance Like Nobody’s Watching

It’s such a personal thing and means something different to each one of us! When I started dancing regularly in 1999, I was concentrating so much it was often commented on how serious I looked… well, I’m a person who just can’t hide my feelings it all shows on my face. Years later I’m older, more confident and am just enjoying myself. I get things wrong and laugh it off and try and remember to smile and look at my dance partner so they feel in happy to be dancing with them. Have you ever gone dancing?

If not, here are 5 reasons that usually stop people – but you really shouldn’t let them stop you!

I’m Worried about Making Mistakes Don’t worry, we were all beginners once and the more experienced dancers are usually happy to help and put you on the right track. Take part in the revision classes that are offered, stay around and watch and ask someone to dance. Practice, listen to the music at home watch some YouTube videos, go on the workshops, enjoy the movement in music and don’t give up!

I Can’t Do It without Drinking Interestingly enough, most don’t drink and jive! The odd few do, but it’s important to have your wits around you. As you get more confident you will want to drink fluids usually water to keep hydrated, not all venues have a licence so many only serve soft beverages and sometimes you can bring your own. So yes, one alcoholic drink won’t matter, but remember to stick at one especially if you’re the one driving.

I Can’t Do It but I Like to Watch
Actually a lot of people are watching, and a lot of people aren’t is what I’ve learnt. Quite often you get the people watchers sussing out potential dance partners and newbies wondering if they’ll ever that good! Perhaps the more you watch the more you will want to do it. Don’t be intimidated, I know from experience that practice makes perfect!

My Partner Wouldn’t Come That’s fine, there are always lots of the opposite sex to dance with, and I actually believe it’s good to dance with different people because it helps you improve and not get complacent. Perhaps you and your partner have separate interests and perhaps as you learn to love dancing you may persuade them to come. Mine encourages me because he knows how much I love it but it isn’t his passion and it’s very social which is one of the reasons why I go.

Lastly, give it a try and make it your own, only you know how dancing makes you feel. I know I’ve truly found my passion and my happy place, perhaps it could be yours?