Christmas wishes

So as usual I wasn’t prepared for Christmas this year and had big plans to shop early last week, however I also wasn’t expecting to be stopped in my tracks by full strength ‘flu!  Yes I started sneezing whilst out shopping last Wednesday 13th  blaming it on the strong aftershaves and perfumes I was testing… After that it got progressively worse and by Friday I was on my knees, just could not stop coughing and went to bed in the afternoon not to rise properly until I pulled myself out for a Christmas Jive Ball, (too early might I add) last Tuesday. Although I thought I took it easy, it really set me back and forced me to visit my doctor and get antibiotics for a chest infection that wouldn’t shift. The point is when you are lying flat out drifting in and out of sleep there is little else to think about other than when you will be well again. I haven’t been so floored in 23 years and I suppose I began to think that up until then that I am invincible!  Tears and sad thoughts set in because my dear Mum died of a respiratory disease, coughing what feels like my guts out and struggling for breath at times, reminded me of her suffering and how she died through lack of oxygen, something I usually take for granted.

As I scrambled to wrap presents for family on 23rd December, losing two rolls of sellotape and two pairs of scissors, getting myself in a complete tizz, running out of tags and resorting to writing on presents… I remember my mum wrapping presents with rubber bands (we had drawers full as Dad was a postman).  I went to Tesco and attempted to get some ribbon, there was none left,  I grabbed some pigs in blankets, a trifle and a crispy creme donut and some other bits, realising I needed to get some ice, left them down on the counter.  I returned less than two minutes later and all of it was gone. As it was the first time I’d left the house in nearly a week, still feeling pretty rough, I was thinking that this was enough to throw me over the edge. The guests were arriving in less than an hour and I hadn’t even set the table, swept the floor. I got home the guests arrived, everyone mucked in and when I handed out paper plates for cheese nobody was bothered!  So I guess what I am saying is, although I think its best to be prepared, it all came together in the end with a team effort and when you are sick you are sick!

As the presents pile up under that tree, all the kids are worried about is how many there are.  Fancy ribbon, tags and expensive paper is wasted on them. It is actually all for our benefit and I’ve resorted to just writing their names on the wrapping.  It was clear from yesterday’s family gathering that all they really want is time and attention of the family and wider family they don’t always get.  Note to self, forget the housework and start playing with the kids. We sat and painted nails and watched Miracle on 34th Street (after an hour of de-licing, yes the joys of responsible parenting on Christmas Eve).

Merry Christmas, a very mixed time for many who are doing the best they can, easy for some and not so easy for others,  so I”m mindful of those and just wish you all you wish yourself and of course world peace would be a bonus for 2018!