BoogieNightJive a dance venue run by dancers for dancers and why it’s becoming the hottest place to dance in the area!

BoogieNightz Jive first opened its doors at Eckington Civic Centre back in July 2017.

It was set up by Dave Kimpton and his dance buddies – for dancers by dancers which I believe is key! A big team effort making it a fun and friendly way to get fit, make new friends and learn a new, very fun life skill.


A Genuinely Warm Welcome

So it’s daunting enough starting anything new, and for many walking through the door to learn a new dance can be terrifying. Having been there, I can totally relate.  It’s paramount that new dancers are welcomed and made to feel reassured and valued.  BoogieNightz has absolutely nailed this with their warm enthusiastic welcoming crew.  From the moment you walk in the door, Elicia or one of the other very friendly BoogieNightz team is there to greet you.  They go over and above to take an interest in their new dancers so they don’t feel awkward or embarrassed.  Having danced at many venues, over the years I know all to well that this is not always the case.. The more welcome people feel, the more likely they are to come back again.  BoogieNightz is run by enthusiastic dancers for the dancers. One newbie told me: ‘The crew are so warm and friendly and didn’t make me feel stupid’, another lady who’d been dancing ballroom for years said, ‘It was the best thing I’ve done going to BoogieNightz because of the fact you don’t need a partner’.  You see all the crew have all been there and they know how they like to be treated as dancers which they clearly demonstrate in their teaching and their genuine love of dance which shines through everything they do.  They do this without elitism. They are warm people who don’t do the dance ‘cliche’ or feel that they are superior because they’ve been dancing longer.  Taking the beginners off after the main lesson to go over the moves again during the intermediate lesson and then ensuring that new dancers get time to practice wheat they’ve learnt during the freestyle with members of the crew.. The organisers even take time to introduce the newcomers to the other new and not so new-comers, so they can share their experiences and it’s a fab way of breaking the ice and new friendships are made … a romance between two new dancers has even been rumoured.. but I’m not here to gossip (much…..!)


Value for Money

I’ve been told that most ‘Northern folk’ like to get value for money from their hard earned cash and it’s would seem to me that BoogieNightz are not run purely for making a profit; that’s the general feedback I got from several of the dancers.  The smart, clean newly refurbished venue at Eckingon Civic Centre with it’s state of the art sound system, great lighting and lovely dance floor, licenced bar and ample parking makes up the winning formula to make it very attractive venue to want to attend.  Not only that but for the  7 quid entrance fee you also get your dance lesson, review lesson for beginners, intermediate lesson and nearly one hour thirty minutes for freestyle dancing.  A professional dance teacher and DJ with a very good quality of teaching, for all levels are catered for is provided every week.  A proper stage where all the dancers can see the teaching demonstration wherever they are standing in the room.  Let’s not forget, the music which never disappoints thanks to the excellent and very experienced DJ.  Along with the bonus buffet thrown in to keep those energy levels up when’s needed most…. The feedback is consistent, that Tuesday night at Eckington is becoming the favourite night of the week to dance for many.  Although dancing options are well catered for in the area, the fresh all-inclusive approach of BoogieNightz is bringing dancers new and old far and wide..


Themed Nights

When I first met a few of the BoogieNightz crew at Southport, not long before BoogieNightz conception back in early June of 2017,  I was immediately drawn to them through their love of fancy dress.  The first afternoon at Swing Hour dressed as GI’s, and then later that evening with many other costumes (yes they had about 3).  When I asked Dave about dressing up, he admitted that although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and not everyone will want to join in with the dressing up, he observed that it really lifts the mood and atmosphere, and brings joy and laugher to the room/venue. He absolutely nailed it..because that’s exactly how it made me feel.. I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing with most of the evening, it was so much fun and they were such great fun to be around.  I believe dressing up can give us an opportunity to escape and pretend to be someone else, even re-capture our childhood.

BoogieNightz has already had a Wild West themed night, a Halloween Night, Glitz and Glamour, Christmas Party and a Panto themed night planned for the New year..  Just look at the photos and so many of the dancers make an effort and join in. It’s indeed great fun and makes a good talking point for the evening. They’ve also offered a prize for the best costume and have a raffle.  They’ve also had a Ceilidh dance and a snowball swap the partners dance during a last couple of freestyles.. Offering something a little different on occasions gives the dancer an opportunity to try something new.  The enthusiasm and positivity of of the crew and dancers alike all gearing up for such events, is a real recipe for a winning night.  You see I believe the happiness and joy it brings to others really is contagious and will mean so much to so many to feel part of something, to belong..perhaps seal that they are part of the BoogieNightz dance family.


Sharing the Love

What makes Boogie Night unique is the fact that it isn’t just out for its own business on a Tuesday night, but will often Dave will announce on stage and/or on their Facebook page whats on at other venues at the weekend and during the week.  You see they don’t see the other dance venues as competitors as one would have thought, but they genuinely just want to share the love of dancing, because the more people dancing the better it is for everyone.

A charity jar raising money has been introduced for a friend diagnosed with terminal cancer, in the hope to raise enough money to pay for a holiday for her..

The future of BoogieNightz?  I hope from what I’ve shared it is obvious that they are doing so much right, however a few suggestions I have collected would include: to offer Masterclasses on advanced moves, perhaps offering lessons in some different dance genres, or even some half day workshops?


BoogieNightz, is becoming the hottest place to jive-dance in the South Yorkshire/Derbyshire area.  Having danced at many venues over this holiday period, most of them lacked something, whether it was because the music wasn’t quite right, or the ambience of the room – but as one BoogieNightz dancer summed it up, “there is always a buzz about the place and the last freestyle was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!”

But what’s their magic formula? I believe it’s the good old-fashioned, authenticity and ‘realness’ of it’s organisers, and as their mission states; ‘BoogieNightz is always the Best in Town!’

I’d like to thank all those who gave me feedback in the research of this blog and Victoria Wood for the use of her photo, and of course Sue and Dave Nichols who feature in it.